Build That Wall.

The United States is a nation built upon the Rule of Law. Our citizenry must be able to rely on that first and foremost. The leftist push for amnesty for illegal aliens and protection from law enforcement in sanctuary cities rips at the fabric of civil society. Every town should cooperate fully with ICE, and we should empower those protecting our homeland to do their jobs.



The men and women of our Armed Services, both active duty and veterans, are the defenders of our liberty. They have sacrificed much to protect this great nation, and they deserve to be taken care of. President Obama eviscerated our service branches, our military readiness, and our Veterans Administration. President Trump is working hard to correct the Obama era. I will work tirelessly to support our troops and veterans.



In Eastern North Carolina, we take seriously the responsibility of protecting ourselves, our families, property and our liberty. When it comes to the right to bear arms, shall not be infringed means just that: HANDS OFF.  I will fight tooth and nail against any attempt to strip away our right to bear arms.



Life begins at conception. Period. The role of any government should be to protect those most innocent who are unable to protect themselves. We must end all funding of Planned Parenthood and Medicaid or government funded abortion immediately. Donald Trump is working hard to do that, and he’s winning. I will be a voice for the unborn in Washington.



The well-being of our coast’s fishermen must always remain a central priority. We’ve got to keep our inlets open, so commercial fleets can actually get out into the ocean for their catch, and toward that end, D.C. needs to know our fishermen are the best stewards of our environment. Landlocked bureaucrats have no business dictating terms to our commercial fishermen.



Eastern North Carolina’s farm families are the backbone of our economy. Our farmers are experts in their fields, and our producers are the best in the country. It is vital they’re able to compete on an even playing field with the rest of the world. I will fight alongside President Trump to make sure our growers and producers get everything American products deserve in the marketplace.



Market based solutions will increase quality of care, cut prices, and remove barriers blocking access to high quality healthcare for North Carolinians of all ages. Medicaid expansion in North Carolina would be catastrophic — one more step toward the complete implementation of Obamacare.



Eastern North Carolina doesn’t need D.C. to survive. It’s the opposite, in fact. We’ve been making our own way for hundreds of years, living off the land and water, running local businesses. Our inalienable rights — the rights to raise our families, run our businesses here, and practice our own religion, don’t come from Raleigh or D.C., but from God. The State has no claim on those rights. I’ll fight to make sure it always stays that way.



I’m a father of two, so I want what’s best for our children. Our kids’ education should be directed by their parents and their teachers at the local level — not in D.C. The federal government has no business telling Eastern North Carolina how we should operate our local schools. With less bureaucracy, we can allocate more dollars for our teachers and put those funds to work educating our children.