A native of Carteret County, the oldest of three brothers and a sister, I grew up attending Carteret County Public Schools. In elementary school, during the first Gulf War, I vividly remember standing in front of our school with my teachers and classmates as we cheered and saluted the troops as their convoys passed by. I grew up surfing, boating and soaking up the unique and laudable history, culture, and values of Eastern North Carolina. I’ve always been proud to call the Crystal Coast home.

From an early age, I was taught the American principles of individual liberty and limited government. These principles were reinforced around our family dinner table as my father taught us why these rights are sacrosanct and how they are too often ignored by modern politicians in favor of bigger and more intrusive government. I took these values with me to the University of North Carolina where I studied economics, history and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science. During my freshman year at UNC I met my wife Ashley. We’ve now been married for nearly 10 years and have been blessed with two precious little girls. While the politics in Chapel Hill were certainly a far cry from the values I learned in Eastern North Carolina, like the Live Oaks on the banks of the Bogue Sound, my principles remained solid, no matter which way the winds blew.

I began my professional career in the financial services industry and quickly moved into a role as an equity trader, navigating through the volatile capital markets of the Great Financial Crisis and gaining intimate knowledge of the interconnections between economics and politics. In 2012, I joined the administration of Republican Governor Pat McCrory, with a focus on economic and workforce development policy, before going back to the private sector as a geopolitical risk consultant, writer, editor and champion of limited government. I’ve leveraged these experiences to offer political and market insights to international business media outlets from New York, to London, to Tokyo.

The Third District is a special place, not just for its beauty, but for its people and the American values they live by — life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. My family and life-long friends live, raise families, and own businesses in the district. Two of my younger brothers serve our country in the Army and Air Force, one of which is stationed with the 694th in New Bern.

In an age increasingly defined by resurgent socialism and a federal government that has forgotten the principles it was founded upon, the Third District deserves a representative who is principled, unwavering and energized in defense of our God-given rights. As your representative, I will dedicate myself to continuing the legacy of those who came before me by valuing principle over politics and serving as an independent voice for the Third District in Washington.